The only thing that the Iowa caucus has accomplish­ed is to finally show that the GOP as a party has completed its devolution as a relevant force in our political system and our society as whole. The GOP has sold its soul to such a tiny sector of what makes up America that it shot itself in the foot. It is similar to what happens with inbreeding­, ultimately the desire to keep like with like results in an imperfect and frail offspring who can’t compete with the more robust out there. The GOP can’t even produce a candidate that has a new vision, every single one of them hearkens back to the past when civil rights weren’t guaranteed for everyone, when the E.P.A created by Nixon didn’t exist, what is funny is that the GOP never bring up the good old days when unions were strong and executive pay didn’t outweigh a worker’s pay by 200%, or that financial regulation kept bubbles from occurring, they don’t mention that.
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