In this age of video and digital media, it is very hard to walk back from an untruth or to argue a fictitious point when you have the hard evidence in front of you.That being said, you have the GOP with their media allies Fox news deliberate­ly trampling on the truth and fact and then crying foul or liberal manipulati­on whenever they get hit really hard with it on the head and there is nowhere else to turn.I don’t know if it is the case that they either truly do believe what they say or that they have such little respect for the rest of us that they just don’t care. Or they have seen that it has been working for them, they are still in power, still derailing the economy, still getting the rich their opportunit­ies to be the “job creators”, and still getting elected. Either way it makes me angry and I wish that it would make enough other people angry as well beyond the protestors and the occupiers so that this nonsense can stop influencin­g our political, economic and social lives because the GOP is aiming for the complete package for our country, transformi­ng it into their image of a social conservati­ve country unless we come together and say we do not accept your narrow vision.
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