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This morning I woke up, the house didn’t feel colder than usual, I knew that the evening news from last night said that today was going to be colder so as I got Rex and Jack ready with their leashes and Jack’s coat, I made sure to put on two layers under my coat and my woolen hat. Our outside thermometer doesn’t work because the wire was chewed through by a certain Jack Russell who shall remain nameless, nevertheless when we got outside it was cold enough to make my lungs ache. The three of us walked our usual loop but I have to say the three of us did not dawdle one iota, Rex was on a mission to take care of his business and Jack did what he could but the number one thing on his mind was to get home to the nice warm interior of his home. Rex and Jack love their home, they love their various couches and easy chairs, days this cold are not fit for man or beast. When I went onto my computer and entered the Internet, I immediately looked at the forecast and the screen said 11 degrees, my nose still red from being outside agreed with the temperature reading. Luckily for myself, Rex and Jack tomorrow is going to warm up to a balmy 26 degrees, hooray for us! Tomorrow mornings walk won’t be the torturous chore that it was today, we’ll be very appreciative, we might even skip during our walk around the park.