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Today being January second, the Huffington Post is all about the best ways to keep your resolutions, ten best ways to quit smoking, ten best ways to lose weight, a lot of ten ways to change many bad habits. I felt a sense of Deja vu from 2010 and 2009, same headlines, same helpful tips and hints. I know that I’ve written about my usual lack of New Year’s resolutions, until last year that is, 2011 was my first time making a resolution to do daily writing and it proved to be one of the best resolutions that I could have ever made. Not bad for never making one seriously in the past. However, seeing all the same headlines, makes me a little sad for those people in general, it almost seems that people’s failure is a lucrative business for the self-help guru’s. Maybe the endless cycle of yearly failed resolutions made me leery of even making them, I don’t know.

I am not saying that I would never make another New Year’s resolution but I will keep my resolutions to something very specific to me and not subject to a set date such as January 1st. I had just watched a video about the history of the modern calendar and the calendar had started on March 1st for a long time until Roman Emperor Julius Cesar instituted changes to the Gregorian calendar such as beginning the calendar with January 1st and adding a few months to take into account the seasons. Quite interesting video but that showed me that the start of a New Year is quite arbitrary so my resolutions if and when, can be arbitrary as well.