I was going to ask where where on the evolutiona­ry ladder rung is he, but then I realized that he didn’t believe in evolution and my comment lost its appeal. Why isn’t it okay to simply teach creationis­m in Sunday school? I firmly believe that science is taught in science class, the idea of creationis­m doesn’t have any scientific relevance so why would it be taught in science class? Evolution is a theory and like all theories it is open to argument, debate and experiment­s to prove or disprove it as a theory. The very nature of scientific theory is valuable in and of itself. It teaches students the importance of finding out and testing an idea again and again until the outcome is proven and can be tested again independen­tly with the same outcome or the idea is shown to be incorrect and back to the drawing board. It opens the mind, it teaches reasoning, independen­t thinking, analytical thinking and perseveran­ce. I would argue all good qualities to learn at school.
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