It is not only David Brooks but Tom Friedman is guilty of this as well, he might not be as shameless as Brooks but you find yourself yelling at Friedman from time to time. At one time before the 1970’s the Grand Old Party and the Democrats were two opposing visions balancing each other out or that is the myth that we are told before we all go to sleep at night. However, when I look around at the political and economic landscape of 2011, I see the wreckage of what the pursuit of free market policies has wrought on our society. All the fail safe policies that were installed to hopefully make sure that runaway wealth inequality would not reappear and a Great Depression would not happen again were repealed and what did we see happen? A repeat of 1929 and the depression lasted until the second world war, more or less a decade. I don’t care what the “experts” say we are in a depression and until living wages, jobs and consumer demand are increased, we are going to stay like this.
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