Being kind, polite, patient and respectful is very important to me , these traits define me in part as a person as much as my passion for cooking and gardening define me. I try to treat everyone with patience, kindness and respect. One of the sayings that I learned in school that really meant something to me was, do unto others as you would have others do unto you. I also know what it feels like to be picked on and bullied and I would never want to be the source of pain and anguish for someone else. I don’t understand how to be purposefully unkind to a stranger or someone who I know, yet behavior like that does exist and that is too bad. I am not religious, I spent my youth with the nuns and Franciscan brothers at school and I learned about the Catholic religion, warts and all. When I say warts, I am speaking of the men and women who make up the church, they are human after all. I did learn and believe wholeheartedly in not casting the first stone, that one teaching needs more advertising throughout the world. The poor shall inherit the Earth, that is another that needs to be broadcast especially during these times. I rather enjoy all of Jesus’ teachings, much more than all the other disciples or apostles.

I know that when I donate to those who are less unfortunate than I, it makes me feel better, not only for myself, but also because I helped the general cause in some small way. Knowing that others are less fortunate than myself makes me sad and I realize that the little that I do, doesn’t seem to affect the bigger picture, but if I let myself think like that and it multiplied to other people and they felt that their contributions were too small, it would snowball into a huge loss for the less fortunate. So I realize that each and every contribution is important, just like every kind word is important.