I find strength within myself, even on my woeful days I know that after a good night’s sleep, the next day will bring something new. As long as there is the promise of tomorrow then anything is possible. I am at heart an optimist and I would list that as one of my strengths. I suppose that my optimism could be a result of having a large family support system. Growing up having an extended family to rely on, is a source of strength in and of itself, even if it isn’t blatantly on the surface, inherently you know that there is someone in the family mix that you can rely on, that all by itself is a wonderful source of strength.

I think that life experience provides strength as well, the older you get the more that you realize that all is not as dire as it seems. That you can overcome, it might be horrible but eventually you will get there beyond that crisis or that disaster. I have to be honest, as I am writing this post I am in my usual optimistic mood, looking forward to tomorrow, had a happy day today. If I were in one of my sadder moments, this post might not be written in the same fashion.

I see how the sometime repetitive nature of some of these prompts makes sense. Just because you answered a question one way on a Tuesday, it doesn’t mean that further down the week, say on Friday, that your answer to the same question be entirely the same, it may very well be different depending on your mood.