The way social security and medicare are described by the pundits and any politician on the news is the most powerful weapon that works against these two programs. Time after time these supposed “experts” use the phrase entitlemen­t as if these programs weren’t paid into by the American people.The level of ignorance regarding taxes and who pays what to which program or entity of government is astounding­. It calls to mind the misplaced outrage over the 47% of Americans who don’t pay taxes, that is an unequivoca­lly falsehood yet it is ferociousl­y believed and defended by those who listen to fox news. Social security and medicare are retirement programs guaranteed by the U.S Treasury unlike the 401K plan which can evaporate if the stock market goes bust, these two government programs also help ensure that many of our elderly do not sink into poverty as they did before the advent of social security and medicare, it goes to show how successful these two programs are when the opposition believes that their disappeara­nce won’t be missed, that the public just takes it for granted. Unfortunat­ely that is a measure of success and why a good thing is often most vulnerable because everyone has forgotten how bad it was before the program was adopted.
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