The fiscal irresponsi­bility of the GOP during the Bush years made Reagan look like a real economic genius. Everything else remaining equal, there has never been a time in our history where during wartime, taxes weren’t raised to pay for the military expenditur­es. World War 2 had a lot to do with getting us out permanentl­y from the Great Depression­s sinkhole because it called for huge manufactur­ing output and tax increases. The two combined finished the job that F.D.R had started with all government programs. Not only did Bush’s administra­tion decide to take the surpluses from the Clinton administra­tion and give it back to the people but two wars were launched as well. And we wonder how the deficits got to be where they are. The GOP legacy of yesteryear when there was some semblance of economic sense has been destroyed by the Bush lessons and completely stomped on by the tea party politician­s. I don’t see the GOP redeeming itself any time soon.
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