There are many reasons why it is so hard, the ones that come to mind are fear of being yelled at and/or punished, fear of losing the trust of others, fear of having people see you as how you see yourself. As I go on, I am realizing that the common denominator is fear, the differences revolve around how the fear is directed or produced.

I used to hate admitting my mistakes, actually I hated making a mistake more than having to admit to it. I would get angry with myself and I know now that the anger was really the fear that perhaps I wasn’t good enough and that perhaps I wasn’t capable to the task at hand and I was simply kidding myself and others. I couldn’t tell you exactly when I outgrew that fear and when I started to give myself a break, but it’s been a few years. It is a relief and very liberating. I make a mistake, it’s not intentional, there is never any malice on my part, so if needed I rectify it, apologize if needed and we all move on. Life is too short to dwell on mistakes, the real issue is how we treat ourselves and others. I do my best to focus on that.