I have a regret, I have written about it before. I should have gone to Turkey when I had the opportunity. It was 23 years ago during my backpacking adventure with my little sister through Europe. We had met up with 3 lovely Australians Jennifer, Natalie and Fionna in Italy and we 5 had a lovely time visiting Florence and Rome.

In Rome Jennifer, Fionna and Natalie ran into their 3 Canadian friends, John, Greg and Bill and they introduced us to them. When my sister and I parted ways with the girls to go off to Corfu, Greece I made tentative plans to meet up with the boys in Pelekas on Corfu. As it happened, my sister and I found the boys in Pelekas and we spent a blissful week on Corfu. On the way to Corfutown, the boys asked us to accompany them to Istanbul, Turkey. I was so tempted but my little sister really wanted to get back to the south of France so I declined the invitation.

I have regretted that decision especially after reading the illustrious history of Istanbul and its culinary delights. One of these days I will redress that regret.