Sadly, corruption has existed since the time when men began to live together in communities and opportunities for advancement both politically and economically arose. Once power, which I would argue is a commodity like any other, was discovered to be very valuable and useful to get one whatever they wanted, it set the events in motion, and the adage that power corrupts, was born

I think the best way to counter the existence of corruption is to have transparency be the guide for any governing body, be it political, religious or corporate. When financial, political and social records are open for public scrutiny, the potential for corruption diminishes.

Corruption cannot exist out in the open, it needs secrets, misdirection and deception in order to thrive. When all information is accessible without constraint, the corrupted individuals have nowhere to hide and nowhere to do their manipulations.

So, governments everywhere open all records and correspondence, sweep away all the corruption through the simple act of engaging in transparency.