I have been following the the euro has been faring since it became the functioning currency for France. Since it came onto the French scene, I as an American tourist was not happy in the least with the dramatic increase in the price of everything. That is only my perspective but many of my family members did not appreciate the marked increase in price of everyday necessities such as the symbol of France, the baguette.

I am not sure what the future holds for the Euro, the N.Y.U economist Nouriel Roubini or as those who follow him like to call him Dr. Doom is predicting a collapse of the Euro because the European Community instituted an economic system without a common political system in place to manage it.

I am not an economist but what Professor Roubini says seems to make sense and in my mind the austerity programs that all the European governments are instituting are hurting each country’s individual economy by driving down demand because consumers can’t afford to, if each member of the community is weakened how can the whole stay strong?