What I have read about the originsof the OWS movement has given me a lot of hope that this movement is truly building itself up to be a people’s advocacy movement to be reckoned with. We have seen at the OWS in Zucotti Park the model of direct democracy in action, now we see the birth of the spokes council which would provide more efficiency in gathering consensus for decision making. These exercises in building a movement and a solid voice for the many is going to take time. The urgency that many of us are feeling is that economical­ly many of us are on our last legs of independen­ce and we don’t want to teeter into reliance on others. Managing all the bills, the debt, often with taking care of both children and parents without recourse to an actual living wage is really taking a toll on so many families, all they see is a congress led by a GOP dominated house that concerns itself with reaffirmin­g the nations motto , deregulati­ng the E.P.A and causing more harm to the environmen­t and causing more health problems for Americans than putting those Americans back to work. The GOP attack on working class Americans, the middle class, the unions, the unemployed and the poor has given rise to the Occupy movement. The GOP was in effect the catalyst that set the stage for all these occupation­s, they have no one to blame but themselves­.
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