I’ve said this before but I am really stinky at naming things. Before the Euro part of the fun of traveling from country to country was accumulating all the different currencies. It also helped keep the mind nimble with the mental gymnastics needed to figure out how much things cost in American currency. There was a vast range of value between the German mark and the Greek Drachma and in a sense that hasn’t changed even with the Euro much to the chagrin of the German taxpayers.

I have the old names stuck in my head such as the guilder, the lire, the German mark and the French franc. Who came up with the dollar? And why dollar or even dime as names?

If I had my own country perhaps I wouldn’t even have currency, I might go back to the barter system. I don’t know, I’m quite put off by the currency system in general especially seeing what is happening here with the ever-widening income inequality gap between the ultra wealthy and the rest of us. The gap that exists is primarily due to the collusion between the political class and the insane amount of money thrown in political campaigns, when I think about it, it just lessens the value of currency in general. It becomes all about power, manipulation, inclusion and exclusion.

I think that I would rather keep my country simple, I know that it is a utopian vision perhaps, but it has been awhile since a utopia has been offered up as a futuristic vision. So I say why not, I am aiming for a society not based on a currency but a sense of community and everyone working together.