One of my favorite songs is Veronica by Elvis Costello, one of the coolest guys on the planet. The name Veronica is so beautiful, I would love to have a name as pretty as that one. I know that Veronica Lake was an icon of beauty, she wore her name really well. I may not be beautiful like her on the outside, but my insides merit a moniker like Veronica. Ha, I made a rhyme, just in time. Stop rhyming I mean it, anyone got a peanut? Lines from one of my favorite movies, Princess Bride.
I know that I don’t appreciate my name because it was the source of ridicule from the time I was little. I hated being called Larry when my name was Laurie and having to explain to teachers why my mother gave me a boys name when in French it’s a girls name and a pretty one to boot. There wasn’t enough time in the day to explain it to everyone. So in the end I gave up explaining and tried to ignore the teasing. Now I don’t worry about it because few people call me Laurie, my name has become Maman or my children’s mom, that is a wonderful name.