On Alternet I read a great article where central tenet of the article was that “You can’t evict an idea” and that is the heart of the matter. Neither Bloomberg, other Mayors nor the police can unspeak what has been spoken, they can’t undo what has been done and they can’t unthink what has been thought. The OWS movement is too wide of a movement to be shut down. The movement truly speaks for the 99%, woman, man, child, student, middle management­, blue collar, homeless, military, its umbrella covers everyone who is suffering because of 40 years of bad political and economic policy that was put into existence though the incestuous relationsh­ip between K Street, Wall Street and the Hill. It is not normal for the golden revolving door to operate as it does where former politician­s become lobbyists and lobbyists become politician­s and C.E.O’s do both. I am not forgetting the revolving door between the pentagon and military contractor­s, that needs to be addressed as well. I don’t know where the OWS movement will lead us but I want to find out and that means it needs to stay alive so that it can evolve and transform itself into a movement that can institute real change.
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