What is amusing is that I have an example for the question. A good time to quit a project, any kind of project, is when continuing is harmful or counterproductive. I was writing on my nanowri2011 novel and trying to pound out more words. I had already written a fair share during the morning and I figured that I could get further along the story tonight. I was starting to spout gibberish and I said to myself, “you need to stop, you are not making sense. Put it down, quit for now and start again tomorrow” I actually listen to myself, I make sure to save and back everything up and then I remember that I didn’t take the time to answer my Plinky.com prompt of the day. Afterwards I realized that I forgot my daily post prompt as well, so here I am answering a prompt about when to quit. Well that is my cue, I am quitting for tonight because my brain is starting to feel fuzzy inside and I think it is trying to tell me GO TO SLEEP!