Now I have Kenny Rogers song stuck in my head, thank you so much. I am not much of a card player, I forget the rules for 21, I know the object of the game but I can’t keep the rules concerning the dealer and myself straight in my head. You might be familiar with the scenario of when the dealer has a 12 he has to continue and you stay or maybe not, I can’t remember. I have the same problem with poker, I can’t remember which hand beats which when you are in the stronger hand area. I am speaking about a full hand versus a straight or a flush, which is stronger? I forget and that is not a good thing when you have to choose between holding them or folding them.

In the question of life decisions, I usually opt to hang in there with whatever job I have in front of me. I really dislike giving up, I feel a great responsibility to see what I choose to do all the way through to the best of my ability.

I have especially been keeping this in mind with my nanowri challenge. Writing 50000 words in a month is quite challenging and I will persevere by hook or by crook, I will complete this challenge to prove to myself that I can indeed write a book.