How should we gauge the public who attend these debates? So far the audience since the start of the GOP primary debate season has cheered the number of executions under Governor Perry’s watch, cheered when it was asked if an uninsured man should be left to die, they booed a soldier who who happened to be gay when he asked about DADT and now they booed a moderator’­s attempt to ask Herman Cain about his character apropos to the sexual harassment allegation­s. I know that this audience represents a subsection of our society but how wide of a swath do they encompass? I am heartened by the fact that collective bargaining won the day in Ohio and Mississipp­i said no to the personhood rights of a fertilized egg and that Maine upheld their right to keep their voting rights as is, I just hope that the democrats and progressiv­es come out in force on every election day next year. Our vote especially now, is our most precious right and we need to exercise it mindfully each and every election.
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