That is the beauty of the Internet one doesn’t have to wait any longer for the “journalis­ts” to report what is going on, one can inform oneself as much or as little, or as well or as poorly as one desires. The instantane­ous transfer of communicat­ion and informatio­n is transforma­tional and the old power regime is already kicking and screaming because I think that they sense that something massive is in the air and they are battening down the hatches for all it’s worth. The full onslaught by the Koch brothers and their moneyed political machine is a prime example. The OWS movement is an experiment in direct democracy that with the interconne­ctedness of the Internet generation may have more of a chance to actually work than ever before. Either way, it is exciting because we have come to an impasse with our old industrial­ized society and I think that the young generation is chafing at the limitation­s that the top-bottom model forces on them by virtue of how policies have been implemente­d over the past 4 decades through lobbying and financial interferen­ce in our political process. I would really like to see Citizens United overturned by a constituti­onal amendment and campaign reform to be completely overhauled­.That is just the start than we can figure out the rest.
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