When I was a little girl, I would play with my china tea set that my great-aunt gave me as a present in the “storage” room off the living room. The room was separated from the living room by handmade curtains that were made my mother and hung on a rod, so that the room was completely closed off from the living room. My mother sewed quite a bit when I was little and even though it wasn’t her favorite thing to do, she did it very well. The curtains were my magical boundary from the real world. Once I was in my pretend world, I set the stage for whatever story came out of my imagination. I liked the feel of my china tea set, it had pretty flowers on the saucers, tea cups, creamer and tea pots. While I would be enjoying my pretend tea, I would take the Sear’s catalogue down from the bookshelf and read it from cover to cover, I loved reading and I loved having my alone time. Growing up I was often picked on by the kids on my block and I was often scared to go outside because I wasn’t sure if I was going to get picked on, made fun of or worse. It wasn’t always bad but more often than not, I would feel stressed so my time in my “storage” room, my pretend world, was a safe place and a welcome respite from the taunts of the neighborhood kids. The bullying eventually stopped with time and everyone growing up so my need for my safe place lessened over time as well. It still was an important part of my childhood, every child needs a safe place to call their own.