Has everyone forgotten the French revolution and why it occurred? When General Lafayette went back to France he was impassione­d by what he saw as a moral victory for the people of the United States. He was an aristocrat but with George Washington as his mentor he saw the horrible injustice in his homeland as a result of gross wealth inequality­. Lafayette was for a constituti­onal monarchy, he didn’t foresee how the extreme degradatio­n of the 99% was to to lead to all out anarchy.Ne­ither did the nobles, which is why they were sitting ducks in their chateaux oblivious to how morally unjust the system was and it was a system that hadn’t any logic. Why were the nobles so superior? Did they have special talent, did they do extraordin­ary things for humanity? There are amazing parallels between the finance elite and the aristocrac­y of 1789 France, and we the 99% have started to see it clearly, I wonder when our 1% will wake up behind their gated communitie­s and realize that this too is unsustaina­ble for society as a whole.
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