I am not a millionair­e but I cannot for the life of me see how that anyone who takes in more than a million dollars annually can complain about a 4.5% increase on their federal income taxes. I am pretty sure that the all important capital gains tax wouldn’t even be touched. I would be upset if President Obama and the democratic party were speaking in terms of returning government spending and TAXING completely to the levels that were seen during the Eisenhower administra­tion. I say that because President Obama took a lot of flak from his own party when he said that his plan would reduce government discretion­ary spending to the Eisenhower levels and the GOP weren’t even impressed, it would have been fun if President Obama had said and revenue will return to those levels as well, 90% We would have seen a huge fainting spell in the GOP side.I don’t get it, the occupiers have very legitimate issues and they are progressin­g along developing new game plans daily, I wish them well.
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