I can’t remember any now. I know that in high school when I was being picked on and taken down verbally, it was always when the crowd dispersed, or that I was on the bus or on the subway, replaying the cruel moments in my mind that I would have 2, 3, 4, 5 quick biting retorts just flowing from my brain. Why when I am alone do they come so effortlessly, yet when it is crunch time, the words weren’t there. I never heard of the French expression l’esprit de l’escalier, I wonder if it is because my family overseas is not burdened with that failing? I doubt it, I just probably never had the occasion to see them caught in a bad moment.

In romantic movies, you see either the girl or the boy have one of those, I wish I had said that moments, after the other is gone and they are alone. Once again, I can’t remember of anything I should have said, but I do know that there were a few times, long ago, before my marriage, that I should have said X to boy X and mentally kicked myself profusely for being a coward or for saying something lame or for not saying anything at all.

It happens to everyone I am sure, I would be surprised if anyone really remembers what they should have said because if they do, then what they should have said, should be epic, for someone to remember after a period of time. I just do not have the mental retention that I used to have, sad but true.