Normally I wouldn’t even think of doing something like this but if I had to, I would pick someone who’s worldview was informed by fear. Meaning all those people who let fear influence their thinking and lead them to hate and prejudice. I am speaking of people like Rush Limbaugh, who speaks about hate and bigotry on a daily basis, who maligns our President and other liberals for thinking differently than he does. I am also thinking of Michele Bachmann who does great harm with her anti-gay rhetoric, reports have shown that there was a marked increase in gay suicide amongst the teens in her congressional district. These are just two examples of hate speech that I would like to see silenced for 24 hours. Actually I would love to see this type of speech silenced for longer than 24 hours. When I say silenced, I mean that I wish that people didn’t fear and hate this much. Life shouldn’t be about fear and hate, it should be about compassion, empathy and sympathy. This is probably too much to ask for, but I think that it is an important thing to keep asking for, because it keeps it in the social awareness. That is what matters, that we are aware that more compassion is what this world needs, not the opposite.