I hope that they both will realize that I tried to be the best Maman that I could and that I loved them both so very much. I also hope that they know deep down to their core that I am and always have been so proud of them when they were little and now that they have grown into young adults.

I hope that they will say that I taught them a thing or two, especially useful things. I tried to teach them how to cook, I don’t know how well that took, time will tell. I am hoping that a major memory for both of them is laughter. That would be a nice thing for them to remember of me, the image of me laughing and of us laughing together. Laughter is so important, all families need to laugh and especially have the family inside joke or story that can set the family off into a laughing fit. I hope that that is the case for my two children. I’d also like for the children to think that I was adventurous and that I tried new things, only so that they would also do the same. Life is short and there is so much to do and see, that you should be open to new things.

I would like for them to perhaps take my ways of parenting and improve on it. There is a lot that they can do better and I am sure that they will let me know when they themselves become parents. I look forward to that, to see how they will face the trials, tribulations and challenges of parenthood. The joy is unbelievable, the wonder that is your baby, is truly amazing. The tough part is when your idea is not their idea of what needs to be done. So I look forward to see how they will respond to those challenges. Another avenue of sharing and bonding with my children, seeing the grandchildren blossom under their care. I can wait but also can’t wait. It will be a nice new chapter in my life.