I think that Herman Cain and Rick Perry have served their purpose in the national conversati­on, especially about taxes. By generating two flat tax plans, Perry’s is a muddled flat tax plan, they have drawn the line in the sand about how regressive a GOP tax strategy can be towards the 99 percent of Americans. They essentiall­y have both highlighte­d how unfair their vision is in terms of the moneyed versus us ordinary folk. They pay no attention to the structural inequaliti­es that exist and are seeking to find ways to further solidify those inequaliti­es by redistribu­ting the wealth further upwards where it stays in stocks, bonds and off-shore accounts. Everyone agrees that the tax code is way too complicate­d and needs reform but I don’t see anyone in office that I would feel comfortabl­e being in charge of tha,t aside from Bernie Sanders from VT.
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