I read the article in Politico and according to the journalist­, when he asked Mr. Cain outside the Face The Nation studio’s if he had ever sexually harassed women? Mr. Cain stopped, stared at him for a few minutes and then responded with the question to the reporter, “Have you ever sexually harassed a woman?” He then left. What does that say about Mr. Cain, that once again when he doesn’t know an answer such as who is the President of Uzbekistan­, he will turn the question back onto the questioner­? If this is true, I find it doubly troubling that he would have such low opinion of women on top of the fact that he would deny access to an abortion to a victim of rape and incest. What kind of person can think that way? And couch the anti-abort­ion belief behind religion, religion doesn’t allow for sexual harassment­, as far as I know.
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