What is great about the whole movement and already one enormous win for the 99% is the redirectio­n of the national conversati­on towards lack of jobs, income inequality­, crony capitalism and more. Another exciting aspect is watching the movement grow and transform on its own timetable. MTV is going to do a “documenta­ry” on 3 young protestors­, taking it to the airwaves. The occupiers had their generators taken from the NYFD did they give up? No, they are still on track but they are going with bicycle powered generators which should be up and running by Monday. I don’t think that this will stop even if for example, the American Jobs Act got passed or the Bush Tax cuts were allowed to expire. This is bigger, I think that this is a deeper protest, this is about getting the true freedom of opportunit­y back into the social contract. The economic mobility dream that was seared into every American’s brain has been shown to be a myth, we want the dream back and money and politics have been a huge factor in killing the dream. There is so much to be done and changed, it is exciting to watch.
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