Bob, you and Matt Taibbi have both given brilliant responses to the right wing talk radio heads’ attacks on the OWS movement. I think that middle class America’s powerless fight against the big banks and the foreclosur­es on their homes that were made worthless, all because of a game that Wall Street set up rigged in their favor with the help of political and economic policies generated over the past 3 decades, was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. How can anyone in their right mind not understand that after years of seeing big banks go down in one financial crisis after another, the debt shock of Mexico and Venezuela 1980’s, S & L crisis, 1980’s. Enron, and the Great Recession, the government bailing them out with our taxpayer dollars, average Americans would say enough is enough. The system is rigged, there is no equal opportunit­y, it isn’t what you know or how hard you work, it’s who you know and where you went to school and how much your parents made that determines if you are successful or not. That is not the American way.
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