Romney has been in this game long enough that you would think that he would think a little bit before taking a position on an issue, especially a no brainer such as union workers rights. He is a republican so therefore the he should be against collective bargaining rights and everything else associated with union workers rights. Why does he try to court democrats when he is only going to get called out on it? Sadly, unions have lost their appeal and I think that is due to the fact that the forefatherĀ­s of the movement fought so hard and well for the various rights that we all take for granted that most don’t realize how important they are to our social contract. The declining median income in our country should be a clarion call to the renewed need for union protection of our right to a living wage. Instead the GOP adopted the phrase “right to work” which basically convinces people that we should be grateful for any type of wage, no matter how low it is. We are starting to wake up to the inequality and unfairness of the disparate income gap between the C.E.O’s and the rest of us.
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