I think that President Obama should focus on how extreme the right has gotten where W.Bush isn’t even relevant to their cause anymore. I don’t know if we could start calling W. Bush a moderate but his father and President Reagan certainly would be considered moderates. On another note, President Obama and others need to keep stressing how regressive the two flat tax plans would be for the middle class and the lower income groups. The President should also hammer against the false narrative that 49% don’t pay taxes, the President needs to remind everyone that they all pay taxes, payroll taxes if they are lucky enough to be employed, sales tax, property taxes, excise taxes, state and local income taxes and perhaps not federal income taxes, why, because they are too poor. I find it increasing­ly annoying that everyone who has access to a pulpit, either the bully one or just simple airtime, does not find it to be their responsibi­lity to correct the GOP fictional account of economic, political and social data. By not holding the GOP accountabl­e for their lies, they themselves are doing the public a great disservice­.
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