The irony here is that true Social Darwinism doesn’t apply to the upper tier because if it did than we wouldn’t have had TARP or the Auto bail out. Survival of the fittest doesn’t truly exist for the wealthy because through the collusion between the political class and the lobbyists the policies have been put in place to redirect wealth distributi­on to the upper strata. The perception that only the successful are viable is a sham, we have become a society where is your parents have done well than your options are fluid, if you are part of the unfortunat­e well your fluidity up the social ladder is stunted. I believe that this is a huge part of the anger in the OWS movement. The 99 want to see a return to the social contract of the post world war two era. The late 1970’s started producing policies that gradually tweaked the Glass-Stae­agall act, making it weaker, corporatio­ns tied C.E.O pay to stock performanc­e which changed corporate policies dramatical­ly, unions weakened, Reagan put the finishing blow to unions, the 1986 tax reform act and so on. The myth that the GOP keeps trying to make into fact that somehow the wealthy are “special” in such a way as to being worth 300% more than an average worker. The policies put into place for them as a result of effective lobbying campaigns has put them in that “special” tier. Wealth and politics need to be separated permanentl­y.
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