This just goes to show that the GOP line of worshiping the small businessma­n, the jobs creator, is a bunch of baloney. It has been repeatedly debunked and yet they continue to belt out those two words job creator as if, when you say it enough it comes true. I am or was a small business owner, the constructi­on market is beyond horrible so no new business, but regardless of now, even at the height of it, we had ten employees. This is what I call small business, the GOP never means me, they always mean millionair­es and billionair­es. They are master manipulato­rs of taking small pieces of fact, molding it into large fictional soundbites­. Than they craft policies from those soundbites that have no connection to the reality of our world, at least if you are truly a small business owner, whose only desire is for demand to come back.
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