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I suppose it would depend on who I was speaking with and what type of conversations were being had. If I were participating in a debate and the subject matter was something that I was passionate about, I’m fairly certain, that I would be aiming for the last word. I have an example for you. Today, an acquaintance of mine said that he was all for Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan. I was quite surprised because he is an independent contractor, a small business man. His position was that he loved the simplicity of it, gone the I.R.S and gone the need for accountants. I told him that with that simplicity, be prepared to pay not 9 percent, but 15 percent state sales tax, not to mention, the loss in payroll tax revenue for retirement purposes. I also pointed out that the upper tier of income earners were going to benefit from the absence of capital gains taxes. This loss in revenue was going to increase our long-term deficits. I’m not sure if I got the last word because he beat a hasty retreat, running off the another client’s house.

Otherwise, in general conversation, I enjoy the first word and letting it go where it will with participation by everyone present. Conversations should be enjoyable and easy. It ought to be fun, start a conversation with a word or a phrase and seeing at the end of the conversation how far off topic you have all veered.

Last words are about proving something, first words are about beginnings.