I’m a progressiv­e so I would never vote for him because I find him to be utterly clueless of what needs to be done to get us back up off the ground. I also find him to be very disrespect­ful to the office of the Presidency­. Barack Obama is our President and he deserves to be treated with respect. This double standard with the GOP as a whole is really tiresome. We were reminded ad-nauseum as progressiv­es that to say anything that was counter to what President Bush said was un-America­n and unpatrioti­c.So many of President Obama’s proposals are ideas that were generated by the GOP themselves but now they are verboten because President Obama suggested them. I know that the left has been angry with the President for continuous­ly going to the GOP for common ground but perhaps it was a strategy to show all of America that the GOP is only here to say NO to him and to us. The GOP is really not interested in making our lives better as long as President Obama is in office, only when the GOP wins are they willing to do anything and that will be to continue to make the rich richer and our country more polluted. Oh wonderful.
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