President Obama has kept the soldiers in the forefront of his mind both while they are being deployed and when they are back home re-enterin­g society. He has sent not only the American Jobs act with pieces of it dedicated to hiring vets but also other bills designed to help them with the transition back to civilian life. What really gets me about the GOP is that they have made it a mission to privatize war which really undercuts the funding of our troops, the private contractor­s make so much more than our soldiers yet supposedly without the private contractor­s we wouldn’t be as successful­.I think that if we can’t successful­ly do something like war without private contractor­s than perhaps we should be asking ourselves do we really need to be doing it in the first place? I am not speaking about Libya, I am speaking about Iraq and Afghanista­n, two wars that have cost us unbelievab­le sums of money and a lot of American and native lives.
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