What wouldn’t I do with all these super balls? I have two wonderful dogs, Rex and Jack. Rex is our 10-year-old German Shepard, he is our gentle giant, he is abnormally large for a German Shepard at 120 lbs with strict diet enforcement. In his hey day he was the ultimate ball obsessed ball catcher. He was indefatigable. You would say uncle way before he would even contemplate taking a break. Nowadays, sadly he has slowed down because of a bout of Lyme disease and arthritis. He still loves playing with the balls but he contents himself with crushing them between his powerful jaws.

Jack is our Jack Russell puppy who lives up to his fun, fearless and curious nature. He isn’t noisy or obnoxious but he is wired for movement. He is an equal opportunity player, it doesn’t matter if it’s a stuffed animal, a plastic cap, a dead animal or a ball. He can go non stop, and be very happy doing it.

I would spend an afternoon with my thousand dollars worth of super balls and toss them around for both Rex and Jack. I would invite my husband, my son and daughter to join me in all the fun with our two dogs. It would be a great family afternoon spent together having fun and laughing and I know that Rex and Jack would be in so much joy. Dogs are amazing in that all they want is to be with you and have you pay attention to them. So on this afternoon, Rex And Jack would have a great afternoon.