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If I were to be very specific, I would say that technology has helped with writing in that it helped me to discover that I actually enjoy writing. It was through using the Internet at the behest of my husband that I discovered Huffington Post. Reading the Huffington Post led me to register as a member which finally led me in late December of last year to start commenting in response to reading bloggers and articles concerning politics, a subject that has always interested me and that I have a passion for. I stumbled onto WordPress accidentally and I immediately signed up and joined Postaday2011, and I’ve been writing daily ever since.

Other than discovering that writing everyday is not a chore but rather a pleasure, technology in and of itself doesn’t impact my writing other than the fact that my writing wouldn’t be posted on the web instantaneously without the Internet. I try not to rely on spell check and grammar check, I prefer doing it manually, I use the two after I’ve proofed the post as a double-check. So that is about it for technology and my writing. If I think of anything else, I’ll revisit the topic.