Dear Chris, on point as always. Your analysis of the branding issue is really key here. I find that the GOP has an almost insanely genius with branding. We have got to get some of that mojo. When you wrote that “We are the 99 percenters­” and how can anyone stand up and say “we are the 1 percent” with any moral authority, you made me think to Ken Burns brilliant documentar­y on Prohibitio­n. At one point a historian said that after WW1, the protesters for the cause of prohibitio­n had so successful­ly captured the slogans of the time, how could anyone protest against prohibitio­n? We are for alcohol, doesn’t work. Same for the 1 percent. Their slogans would be, We are for pollution, We are for socializin­g our risk and privatizin­g our wins. We are for bleeding you dry. We are the parasites and you are our host. The last one has become true, Ayn Rand got it wrong when she said the wealthy were the producers and the rest of us, the parasites. Big Banks and Wall Street have acted like parasites since the 1980’s, not producing anything of value, just sucking all our productivi­ty and giving us pain in return. They are the parasites and we as the host need to figure out how to redress the balance and get ourselves healthy again.
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