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So, I have to keep my eyes closed for as long as possible while keeping my mind empty and see if I can do it, how long I think that I can do it for, if I guessed correctly and if my mind stayed a blank and if it didn’t, than what did I think of and was it post worthy.

I’ve done this topic before, as many of you probably have as well. I find it hard to stay awake, all I need to do to sleep is to close my eyes and clear my mind. I have been chronically exhausted for a few years now so me thinks that a better strategy for finding a post subject is appropriate in this case.

I’m a good daydreamer, I often muse about my favorite t.v shows and I try to write episodes or imagine different scenarios for my favorite characters on t.v. The t.v. shows like “Bones” and “House” are frequent subjects of my daydreams. Sometimes, I play a guest star, either as a suspect or they are investigating my disappearance. I never die, I’m always wandering around suffering from amnesia. These are my little stories that amuse me when I’m walking in the morning, or I’m bored waiting somewhere, a good harmless way to pass the time.

I think that this experiment generated a post, whether it’s a good one, now that is another issue. It could lead to a short story about my flights of fancy in the world of “Bones” or “House”. This is an idea that I’ll file away for future exploration.