When I was pregnant with my son twenty years ago, I had some crazy cravings for pancakes. I would look forward to weekend excursions to the local International House of Pancakes.

Growing up in my French household, pancakes weren’t a traditional breakfast choice. My choices for breakfast were very consistent and very French, toast with butter and preserves or cereal. School week or weekend, it didn’t matter.

My introduction to pancakes came during breakfast outings with my friends during high school at the local diner during first free period. Being used to the simplicity of crepes, the pancake breakfast was beautifully decadent with the combination of warm butter and maple syrup.

Prior to my pregnancy, I would indulge in pancakes from time to time but it was relatively rare in comparison to my usual choice for breakfast. I prefer, even to this day, a healthy breakfast such as oatmeal, cereal or toast. However, once I entered my second trimester, I had pancakes on the brain. It is so hard to describe what cravings feel like or how relentless they can be. The craving is so primal, it feels as if, if the craving isn’t satisfied something is going to pop. Once that craving is indulged, the feelings are so intense and feel so good that Maman and baby are so happy.

What became so bizarre was that as suddenly and powerfully I craved pancakes, the minute I gave birth to the little prince I lost all desire for pancakes. My husband was so saddened by the loss of his pancake companion, my company wasn’t the issue, it was the fact that I no longer indulged in pancakes. It wasn’t that the sight or smell put me off, it was the texture and feel of the pancake in my mouth that killed all delight in the pancake. To this day, when I think of pancakes, I immediately feel a dry, cakey feeling in my mouth and my stomach starts to turn, I begin to feel nauseated. In my mind, I know that it is all mental, but really, is it that important to overcome my dislike of pancakes?

I know that my cholesterol levels are the better for it, so is my waistline. So, in the end, my pancake craving served its purpose and it makes for wonderful food memories.