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One day, long past today, there was an odd-looking physician called Dr. Jiggybones. He had a practice that served the little village in the Berkshire Mountains called Wyben. The community as a whole was an exceptionally self-sufficient bunch. The church group made the rounds throughout the village and kept the Minister and the good Doctor apprised of whom needed medical attention, blessings, and the general welfare of all the patients and patrons of the church. They had their own butcher, blacksmith, grocer, many farmers, a barber, a seamstress and even a weaver. Life was comfortable and orderly in a the village of Wyben.

During the late winter however, the Doctor started to get an unusually high numbers of patients complaining of twisted knees and ankles. Each time the Doctor would ask his patients about the origin of the accident, the patients would clamp their mouths down tight and not be truthful with their good Doctor. He conferred with the Minister and the church group and they were as baffled as he by, not only the high incidence of twisted knees and ankles, but by the strange stubbornness shared by all, not to divulge the reason why.

The Doctor and Minister were in agreement that the study in the refectory needed a new rug, so they decided to pay the Town weaver a visit; Miss Belle, was her name and it suited her very well, indeed. She welcomed them both into her shop and when they stated their purpose, she took out her notepad and asked for the dimensions, color and type of wool. When asked how long the rug would take to make, she replied “I can’t make any promises because I’ve been having quite a bit of trouble with my loom and no one seems to know how to fix it.” The Doctor and Minister, looked at each other and asked her “who have you asked for help?” to which she replied “well every man in town has attempted to help, but they have been the worse for it”. “Ah, so that’s it” said the Doctor and Minister in tandem.

The Doctor offered to take a good look at the loom from underneath and asked the Minister for some aid, when the Minister accidentally applied pressure on the treadle, he started to stress his knee, at which point the Doctor braced the Minister from beneath his shoulder alleviating the pressure. Having learned his lesson, it was the last time Doctor Jiggybones would let the cross beams get off skew on the treadle.