It is sad that the E.P.A instituted by a republican President, Nixon, is being shredded by the GOP of today. Several studies have shown that regulation­s are not “job killers” they often create jobs because they create a demand for new positions which is good for the economy because for every job created, more revenue in taxes and more cash circulatin­g in the economy. Moreover, we have seen that you cannot trust companies, one iota, to regulate themselves vis a vis the environmen­t, B.P anyone? I find it completely acceptable to have the health and safety of our environmen­t under the purview our government­, it is their job. Anyway, what is the GOP doing wasting our time with trying to dismantle the E.P.A instead of focusing on legitimate proposals for jobs like the American Jobs Act. I know that they will come back with the lame excuse that getting rid of the E.P.A will produce jobs but the evidence doesn’t support that and I find it horrible that they want to gut the environmen­t in spite of it all, this just shows that they are all beholden to big oil and natural gas.
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