Obviously, you need to find or know yourself. I’m not exactly sure how one does that because we are not exactly static beings. We grow and evolve through our experiences. However, in spite of changing, I suppose that we all have an inner core that forms us and sets limits to what we are willing to do and live with. Perhaps the question is really, how far can you push against that innate core value within, before you are no longer true to yourself and forcing a lie upon yourself.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, how far away from your core self are you willing to go in desperate times? During this economic mess, I’m sure that my question must be asked once and awhile. Especially when the choices left aren’t very good. I would suppose that in these circumstances, you need to be real honest with yourself because in the end you have yourself to answer to and live with, you can’t hide from yourself forever. You can if you go down the path of alcohol, drugs or whatever self-medicating habit that keeps your inner voice quiet.

Within my own life, I try to keep it simple. Keep on the straight and narrow, keep my nose to the grindstone and do what I can for the ones I love.