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I have a good friend, Mary, who deserves a peace prize. She works as a receptionist at the emergency room at our local hospital but she does so much more than just answer phones. She reminds me of an angel of mercy when she is on shift. I have been there at the emergency room quite a few times either myself or with my family and she calmly takes everything in hand, gets you situated, gets you whatever you need. Her kind eyes and warm touch are like a balm, soothing those stressed nerves so that you can focus and think more clearly about the emergency at hand.

Not only does she have a great bedside manner with the patients that go in and out of the emergency room, I know that she is an excellent work associate. She will be the one to take the time at home to make homemade chocolate chip pumpkin muffins for the staff on call at the emergency room. She is also a wonderful training person, she doesn’t lose patience with those that she takes under her wing.

On top of all this, she makes the time to get publicly involved with the environment. She serves on the Conservation Committee in our town and she also volunteers at the Winding River Conservation Agency in the city down the mountain. She takes these two positions to heart and gives her all to them because that is who she is.

She is also a great friend, a wife and a mom. She definitely deserves recognition for all that she does and how great a person she is, I’m lucky to know her. Every year, I make her one of her favorite treats, Fleur de Sel caramel from scratch, just to show her how much I think of her.