I, totally agree with the premiss of this article, which is why I have signed the Amend.some­thing petition to overturn Citizens United ruling, giving corporatio­ns the same free speech rights as people. I also truly believe that we need public campaign financing, instead of relying primarily on private donors.It is not normal that first of all, it takes millions and now billions to campaign for public office, secondly, it is not normal for office holders to spend 2/3 of their time in office campaignin­g. They are not getting their jobs done because they are preparing to defend their current job from the next campaign without even doing anything worthwhile to defend. It is crazy, it seems to me that this financial element of campaignin­g seems to have coincided with the emergence of the multinatio­nal corporatio­ns in the late 1970’s. I don’t think that prior to the 70’s that money had as much influence throughout the whole political process as it does now. I do know that eliminatin­g the corporate financial influence is one of the many demands from the General Assembly sown at occupywall­street and I think that it should be at the very top of the demands.
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