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In my mind, I would say electricity is the more important because we wouldn’t have the Internet without the advent of electricity. I wonder if electricity would have been possible if we hadn’t had access to coal? Would someone have thought to use the power of the sun or the wind to generate power during that time period? What if running water, being used as a power source, had been explored further? We might be in a different place right now and who knows how that would have impacted the birth of the computer and then the Internet.

How would an alternate power source have inspired Steven Jobs? Someone told me that Steven Jobs took a year and toured China and Asia when he was younger. I wonder how that influenced him. The only policy of Apple’s that I disagreed with, was its out-sourcing manufacturing jobs to China. Our economy would have reaped some benefits if Apple had its manufacturing plants here. I know that the argument is that the product would have been out-priced as a result but there was something to Henry Ford’s philosophy, pay your workers enough so that they can afford to buy your own product. Steven Jobs could have perhaps put that philosophy back into practice. Goodness knows that there isn’t a corporation here in the U.S who believes in that ideal anymore. That is the only criticism, if only for providing more jobs for us here in this country.

Otherwise, Steven Jobs was a mind-boggling genius, I am fortunate to be the proud owner of the Ipad and I love my Ipad. I am not a tech person, I do not own an Ipod or an Iphone, I have a cell phone, I forget it at home or I forget to charge it, so I don’t really have a cell phone because I never use it. But I have the Ipad and I tell you that it is great. I check into WordPress and start my blog or I get into Huffington Post and keep my commentary going while being accessible to my family in the evenings. It is great, did I say that enough, that my Ipad is great. Well, it is.